Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall in Cedar City

Well I have finally figured out how to put pictures on to this laptop so I guess I might as well catch up on my blog. Lots has happened since I last posted. Ben is now working at the State Bank of Southern Utah and seems to enjoy it well enough; the 70 year old woman who sits next to him at the window seems to keep him on his toes, never know what's going to come out of her mouth or other body parts (I think she may be hard of hearing because she tends to let smells slip occasionally! I think it's hilarious!)
I am currently not in school and just working at the Sports Authority. Work is slow and boring most the time but I really can't complain, we have numerous people come in daily looking to fill out an application in desperation to be employed so it does make me grateful for the job that I have.
Below are some pictures of the past few months.

Some friends came over for some fun and Ben busted out pin the tail on the donkey! ha we had fun with it.

Karlee and Andrew were our co-champions.

Karlee and I got covered in cow crap and mud on our 4-wheeler ride up to a cabin that we stayed at with a group of friends. Karlee really got covered in the wheel flipping poop that pretty much sprinkled her body from head to toe, ha sorry Karl!

We love camping!!!

Oh the power of a Magic Eraser!!! I have scrubbed and mopped this kitchen floor a million times but could never get rid of that dirty look so I turned to another option. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser!! I went through 7 magic erasers before I got that floor sparkling. Love those little magic squares!

I was able to go up to Santaquin and spend time with my sister and her three adorable little girls.

My Mom, sister, and her girls all met up with the Garner's for breakfast at Mimi's. Love this girl! It was fun to see Steph and my "other" family.

Oh just look at that face! Pure joy and excitement. I finally caved and got Ben a wii for his birthday. He has been begging me to let him get one since the day we got married (well, almost!). For his birthday I gave him a watch that I was able to get with my stellar discount at the Sports Authority, we went out to eat, then had friends over for cake and ice cream. It wasn't until 11 at night that I surprised him with this. He was totally surprised and said he will owe me the rest of his life.....he shouldn't have said that! I now expect back massages and foot rubs whenever I desire!

Yesterday we went up the canyon to look at the changing leaves. It was beautiful up there.