Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall in Cedar City

Well I have finally figured out how to put pictures on to this laptop so I guess I might as well catch up on my blog. Lots has happened since I last posted. Ben is now working at the State Bank of Southern Utah and seems to enjoy it well enough; the 70 year old woman who sits next to him at the window seems to keep him on his toes, never know what's going to come out of her mouth or other body parts (I think she may be hard of hearing because she tends to let smells slip occasionally! I think it's hilarious!)
I am currently not in school and just working at the Sports Authority. Work is slow and boring most the time but I really can't complain, we have numerous people come in daily looking to fill out an application in desperation to be employed so it does make me grateful for the job that I have.
Below are some pictures of the past few months.

Some friends came over for some fun and Ben busted out pin the tail on the donkey! ha we had fun with it.

Karlee and Andrew were our co-champions.

Karlee and I got covered in cow crap and mud on our 4-wheeler ride up to a cabin that we stayed at with a group of friends. Karlee really got covered in the wheel flipping poop that pretty much sprinkled her body from head to toe, ha sorry Karl!

We love camping!!!

Oh the power of a Magic Eraser!!! I have scrubbed and mopped this kitchen floor a million times but could never get rid of that dirty look so I turned to another option. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser!! I went through 7 magic erasers before I got that floor sparkling. Love those little magic squares!

I was able to go up to Santaquin and spend time with my sister and her three adorable little girls.

My Mom, sister, and her girls all met up with the Garner's for breakfast at Mimi's. Love this girl! It was fun to see Steph and my "other" family.

Oh just look at that face! Pure joy and excitement. I finally caved and got Ben a wii for his birthday. He has been begging me to let him get one since the day we got married (well, almost!). For his birthday I gave him a watch that I was able to get with my stellar discount at the Sports Authority, we went out to eat, then had friends over for cake and ice cream. It wasn't until 11 at night that I surprised him with this. He was totally surprised and said he will owe me the rest of his life.....he shouldn't have said that! I now expect back massages and foot rubs whenever I desire!

Yesterday we went up the canyon to look at the changing leaves. It was beautiful up there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Summer Times

I've been slacking. Ben and I don't have internet at our apartment anymore since our bill jumped up $25 more dollars a months and we ditched it.

This summer has been SO busy!! Ben and I are both taking a summer class which ends next week! Thank goodness!!! It has been killing me. Also, I got a job at the Sports Authority so that has been taking away any free time that I have in between more week!

In between all the busyness, we have found some time for small fun projects (I guess not so small).
First, we sanded down our table, the one that my parents gave to us. I thought it looked pretty good until one of our friends came over and asked, "oh good, you're going for the trailer house look!" So now I am second guessing our newly furnished table. Oh well, it works for me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm SORRY!!!

I am terrible at April Fools jokes, or apparently I am TOO good at April fools jokes, but I am going to refrain from ever doing another April fools joke again since I feel so bad. To all of those that believed my very unkind joke, I am sorry. Whitney, I heard that you put together a gift basket and was going to send it down with Andrew and Tyler.....I'm so sorry!!! Thank you for the thought though, that was so nice of you! As pay back, when we really do get pregnant you don't have to ever give us anything, well you wouldn't have to anyway but you really shouldn't just because we are so mean.

The past two days I have been at the Utah Dietetics Association annual conference in SLC. Cache and Hailey let me crash at their house so that it was only a small drive each morning. I had a lot of fun with them, it's always nice seeing them since I hardly ever get to.
I had to present my undergraduate research and poster to several hundred people. There were several judges analyzed all of the posters (around 30 total from the U, USU, BYU, and SUU) which made me really nervous. Afterwards there was an awards luncheon at which they announce that I won the best research poster for the year and recieved a $100 check, that was exciting. It was also really nice because is set me up to meet the head director at the U who decides who is accepted into the Master's program there (which is the program I want to go to when I am done at SUU). The director told me to be sure to send a resume his way and said he looks forward to seeing me again in the near future. He also contacted my instructor and told him to be sure to get me to apply at the U. Yay! Guess we'll just see what happens.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Eggo Is Prego!!!

So I have some exciting, scary, stressful, but happy news.......I am pregnant! Ben and I have been talking about getting pregnant since we are both graduating in 4 weeks, but we didn't expect it to happen so soon! I am a little freaked out, actually a lot freaked out, but also very excited. My first doctor appointment is in 3 weeks. Until then I don't really know what to do! Can I still work-out like I have been? I mean, I know they say to keep working out just don't do vigorous exercise, but this is all so very new to me. I can't wait to get some answers from the doctor. Mom has been helping me out a lot, with all of her experience she has been able to calm me down. Anyway, I gotta go to class. My picture uploader is taking forever so I'll have to post the picture of our pink positive pee stick later!

Love you all!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Whitney Also!!!

I feel awful! I failed to mention yesterday was also my dear sister-in-law Whitney's birthday!!! Sorry this is a day late Whit but we do love you and have not forgotten! The first time i met Whitney was just a few days before Ben and I were to be wed (now there's some cheesy writing for! ha nice.. okay back to the purpose of this blog). She was staying with some friends in Sandy? and Ben and I drove up there so that we could meet. I was surprised by how nice and accepting she was to me right away. She gave me a great big grin and hugged me immediately, I immediately felt comfortable around her. Thanks for your love and friendship Whit, you're awesome!
Sorry for no pictures, we don't have any on this new laptop.


Yesterday was my dear brother Cache's birthday and since I was unable to get a hold of him yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and ended up singing to his answering machine, I thought I would just pay him a little tribute on this hear blogging network. Oh and since he probably never looks at these blogs, Hailey, you can drag his skinny butt over to the computer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CACHE!!! I love you!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Lots has happened in the last couple of weeks. Two or so weeks ago I played in an indoor futsol tournament; it was fun to see all the girls and play a little soccer again.

This past week was Spring Break. Ben and I drove down to Vegas with some friends, Zach and Tarah, and staid the week at a town home that Zach's parents own just about 10 minutes from the strip. We has SO much fun!!

We went to Red Rock Canyon and hiked around for a day.

Went to a semi-pro Hockey game.

Did some laying out and swimming, of course! Ben made nice with some of the guys at the pool and they decided to race across the pool and back, Ben won. As you can see in the picture below he had a large lead. Woo Woo!

Saw the Blue Man Group! They were awesome. Cool thing about it was that we got a student discount which dropped the price to $32 instead of the guy sitting next to us who paid $110! Nice!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Long Week

This week has been a long one for both Sutton and myself. Lots of meetings and classes and late night projects. I had my interview last week with D.A. Davidson and it went well. It turned out that the manager who interviewed me knew one of my professors very well and that professor and I have a good relationship so it was a great thing. I'll find out in March if I get the internship. Other than that things are really clicking. Lots of excitement to be had.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Former Soccer Player

Mom and Dad came down last weekend for my last post-season soccer banquet. Every year we have an end of the season banquet to stuff our faces, reminisce on past memories, hand out awards, and eventually say "peace out" to the seniors. Unfortunately this year I was receiving the "peace out." Although I am happy to have an afternoon to do whatever I want, I do miss soccer.... A LOT! I miss the girls, the drills, the exercise, the fun of soccer, and the large amount of endorphin release one receives from running for 2 hours everyday. Things I don't miss? Some of the inevitable drama that accompanies being around 19 girls every day, having to do homework later in the evening, my knees popping out, and practicing in freezing cold weather. Kimly and I had to come up with a gift for all of the girls on the team, we had a pro slide show DVD made for each girl comprising all of our favorite pictures and videos that were captured over this past year, everyone really enjoyed it I think. The coaches gave all the seniors our jerseys, some chocolate kisses, and a DVD recording of our last game played in the conference tournament out in Western Illinois when we unfortunately lost to Oakland in double over time (a real heart breaker). Well I am done reminiscing here, it is making me depressed. Tomorrow I am playing in a 4 v 4 indoor tournament so that should be a lot of fun.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Defective Genes

Alright, so I am with Hailey in the fact that Ben and I have decided NOT to procreate! Wow! Funny thing, Hailey, you said Cache thought they were cute, Dad said the same thing! And he was sincere about it. Men are blind to certain things I guess cause these rugrats are scary!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So it has been a long long time since I have blogged but I blame it on Ben since I have tried numerous times to but have been unable because my account was not letting me....turns out Ben had this whole shinanigin under some other account and I didn't know it (we won't mention that it took me forever to figure out on my own). Anyway.... Ben's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were loads of fun! Rachel, one of my good friends who happened to be stuck with me our freshmen year, had a beautiful little boy. Shout out to you Rach! And I think that sums up all the big stuff.

Ben and I are all set up to graduate on May 2nd at 9 a.m. We are both really excited but also a little worried for what the future will hold, or lack to hold,(i.e. jobs!). Ben is applying for an internship in Montana, it will only be a summer thing but it would be a really great opportunity for him; we find out next month if he got it. I will be taking a couple grad school pre-reqs next fall and then hopefully I'll be accepted into a master's/RD program the following fall. Also, Ben plans to go to grad school and get an MBA but he is going to work for two years first since the majority of MBA programs require it.

Anyway, sorry for the overload of boring information, next blog won't encompass 5 months worth.....hopefully....but I think I've got this down now so no worries.

Okay so this is the only picture I was able to upload due to an "internal error" with the picture uploader thing. Always difficulties with me I swear!