Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well it is finally official, Ben and I are moving to Dallas. Frito Lay flew Ben out to Dallas this past Monday, interviewed him Tuesday, flew him home Tuesday night, and e-mail him Wednesday morning for the good news. The past few days have been exciting, stressful, sad, and hectic as we began packing up our apartment, searching online for an apartment, meeting with and saying goodbye to good friends, and making final preparations to leave Cedar City. We both gave our 2 weeks notices, which was one of the happiest days of my life, and began collecting boxes from our work places. They told Ben they want us out there as soon as possible so we are planning on hitting the pavement in 2 1/2 weeks or so. I guess Ben will be managing the guys who deliver the chips and their truck routes. The first 3 months of his training he will be in the trucks with them in order to gain an appreciation and understanding for what they do, this means he may be up at 3 a.m. or so to begin work; luckily that part is only 3 months long. We are so excited for this opportunity and extremely grateful for the blessings we have received these past few months. We are going to miss all of you here in Cedar and, of course, our families and being so far away from you all, but this will be a good change, at least that's what I keep telling myself to keep from being homesick and sad already. But anyway, kind of a long post, and without pictures (that's always my favorite part of all your posts') but I was excited so I thought I'd write. Texas! Yay! (never thought I'd live in Texas, I absolutely hate the Dallas Cowboys so this should be interesting!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Updates

Well, since I have slacked off the last few months you're gonna get an overload of updates, but here goes. Ben and I went to Vegas this past month. It was the perfect vacation.
This was cool, we went to the new City Center, it is massive! They had this cool waterfall that surrounds the roundabout where cars come and go.
This was in the new mall at the City Center. They had the coolest displays, that building is beautiful, it's not finished yet so I'm sure it'll be that much cooler when they finish it up.
Okay, so we found a stellar deal for a one night stay at the Palms and they just so happened to update us to a suite overlooking the entire valley, the strip included, for free! It was AMAZING!! 3 flat screen tv's, as if you need that, a full kitchen, living area with couches and chiars, king size bed, and the sweetest bathroom. Ben and I took millions of pictures with the hope that maybe some day we could build a home and design our bathroom the exact same way.

The shower was awesome cause it had nozzles hitting you at all angles. It also had a full jacuzzi tub right next to it.
Christmas was nice, short but nice. Ben and I were able to go up to Santaquin for 2 nights. Ben surprised me with a touch iPod, big shocker. I love it.
My parents surprised Ben with his favorite gift, a Payten Manning jersey. Later, when we were in Vegas, we found one for me. Of course we sported those for all of the Colts games, including the unfortunate loss during the Super Bowl. Sad :(

This was our costumes for Halloween. We were Big Smurf and Lil' Smurf. I covered every visible part of my body in blue, Ben stopped at his face, neck and arms, something I wished I had done since I couldn't sit on anything without leaving a trail of blue. We had fun with it.