Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Summer Times

I've been slacking. Ben and I don't have internet at our apartment anymore since our bill jumped up $25 more dollars a months and we ditched it.

This summer has been SO busy!! Ben and I are both taking a summer class which ends next week! Thank goodness!!! It has been killing me. Also, I got a job at the Sports Authority so that has been taking away any free time that I have in between more week!

In between all the busyness, we have found some time for small fun projects (I guess not so small).
First, we sanded down our table, the one that my parents gave to us. I thought it looked pretty good until one of our friends came over and asked, "oh good, you're going for the trailer house look!" So now I am second guessing our newly furnished table. Oh well, it works for me.