Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jenna, a photographer in my ward, called me up about a month ago and asked if I would do her a "huge favor." She was putting together a more detailed portfolio of her work and needed some fresh faces, thus leading to me posing for her in front of the camera. I was not too excited, actually I wasn't excited at all, remembering my bridal pictures and how awkward I felt posing for those. She actually made the picture taking kind of fun. It started out with some pretty serious posing, telling me not to smile, and kind of awkward, but as the hour progressed it got a little lighter and more natural. Here is some of her work.

Monday, June 14, 2010

"When You Think Tim McGraw..."

I really need to take more pictures of our little Texas adventures, but at least I got these ones! (Actually I didn't cause my camera battery was dead, so luckily Sarah brought her camera!) Saturday night we went and saw Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum (Lady Antebellum opened the first hour and half). It was SO much fun! That Timmy is kind of a funny man. He was yelling out "Hallelujah's" "Can I get an Amen?!" and "Can you feel the music in your soul?!" It was pretty funny.....and a bit strange! He also forgot the words to one of his older famous songs which was pretty dang funny.

Some of the boys and Benny. Ben was a good sport; he's not the biggest country fan but he humored us all by gracing us with his presence.
You can see Tim in his white shirt and black cowboy hat. That place was PACKED! I'd like to find out how many people were actually there cause it was amazing.