Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello from Texas!

Well, we're in Texas now and loving it. Ben is loving his work, something I am so grateful for, and I have been keeping busy exercising in our apartment complex gym, cleaning house, making dinners from the Lion House Cook Book, going to the temple, and apply for multiple jobs (I have an internet interview this evening for a job I would love, so keep your fingers crossed!). This Saturday evening we are going to the Maverick's game (compliments of Frito Lay), so that should be a lot of fun.

Thank you so much to all of those who cooked us dinners, breakfast, brought us farewell tokens, and took the time to come and say farewell. We are both so grateful for all of you and your friendship, we really miss all of you; there's nothing like going away that makes you grateful for the people in your life.

A HUGE thank you to my Dad and Mom who came down to help us move. There is no way we would have been able to get everything into that UHaul truck without my Dad's mad skills, and my Mom saved my bacon helping me clean the house so that we could get out of there when we did.

This is what we had to look forward to when we got it all off of the truck and into our apartment. A HUGE thanks to Sarah (my cousin) for coming to help us move in and also to the guys in our new ward who showed up just in time to help Ben carry all of the heavy stuff up to our 2nd floor apartment.

Our living room.

One of my favorite parts of our apartment, our walk in closet. Love it!

Ben in front of the building where JFK was shot. The top right window is where the gunman was found.

This is a cool museum in Dallas, we didn't go in but it looked cool from the outside! :)


  1. Cute apartment Sutton! I'm so jealous of you but I hope you are having fun!

  2. your apartment looks so cute, Sutton! we're crossing our fingers (and everything else) for your job--good luck!

  3. Hey Sutton! We are missing you here in Cedar! Your apartment is way cute, and it seems like you guys are really enjoying it in Texas. I hope we can come visit this summer. That would be so much fun. Things will probably get busier, but don't forget to keep us updated on what you guys are doing.=)

  4. Karl you guys better come visit this summer!!! We would have SOOOOO much fun! So mark your calendar!

  5. I'm so happy you all found a great apartment. So cute! Good luck with everything!

  6. Sutt it looks great! Ok, now i need advice like how do you do it!? I have no idea how to rent out of state! Did you drive all your stuff there?Yyou just looked online right? And then you call and say do you have any apartments available, i want to move in?? I was in cedar last weekend for only an hour, and really missed you. My dad had to ask the city some questions on the way to st george. I can't believe that was 4 years ago when we met!